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Sunglass and Zip Capers

Day 6 of NaBloPoMo

ZipperWhy are Mondays always bad? A few quite bloggable things made today another frustrating start to the working week.

I was looking forward to today though, because i was expecting my sunglasses that I had ordered last week to be delivered to me at work. At about 10am a package came for me, and as I opened it with glee (deliveries always get me excited), to my horror I discover that they have shipped me the wrong sunglasses.

In fact, they had sent me someone else's order from Western Australia, and after a very frustrated email later, discovered that they had sent mine to WA. I'm currently in the process of getting it sorted out so the WA guy gets his sunglasses and I get mine. To put it lightly, it put a huge downer on my day, all that expectation and excitement for nothing.

My day wasn't going to get much better though. I'm not sure about blogging this, but what the heck, NaBloPoMo is about more liberal writing anyway.

About half way through the day after going to the toilet I noticed that my zipper broke when I did the fly on my trousers back-up: the zipper thing broke off one side and the zip subsequently split all the way down the middle. Now this is probably the most embarrassing situation for any male to be in in a public place: having your fly undone permanently.

Half-panicking and swearing inside the cubicle, I managed to do 10 minutes of 'emergency surgery' on the zip to get it to close up one last time, but i couldn't undo it again, and had to be careful of it splitting from the bottom. I managed to ride out the day, but tonight at home i had to break the zip in order to undo it. Off to the tailor's for those pants.

So ends another crappy crappy Monday, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

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  1. I tried to force the zipper back onto the other size at the point where it broke off, and after many unsuccessful attempts it eventually worked (although it made the zip useless in the process)


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