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Air Hockey Master & Hot

Day 12 of NaBloPoMo

Air HockeyLast night after Church a lot of our usual Saturday night 'after church' group went (via Hungry Jacks) to an video arcade at Garden City where we could play unlimited games for two hours for $15 each.

The highlight of the games (at least for me) were very competitive air hockey matches. I played almost everybody last night and beat all of them at least once.

Still undefeated after about 8 or 9 matches, and just after vanquishing Andrew for the second time in the night, he managed managed to talk me into a final rematch. He subsequently won the rematch (played in almost darkness after they had turned off the lights to kick us out), and I lost my undefeated record for the night.

Nevertheless, I think i proved myself as the master of air hockey out of the Saturday night group.

Needless to say, today I am very very sore, especially in my upper body. My shoulders and forearms are killing me, and my knuckles feel a little sore after copping a few puck hits when it flicked up off the table. One time against Con, the puck flicked up, hit me in the forearm, and bounced into the staff booth about 5 metres away. She (the attendant lady) didn't look that happy...

Today is a very hot day, going over 30 degrees. This morning we went to the southside Church to see Fr Silouan, who is up from Adelaide for the weekend. I don't know what it is about the southside, but they love their long marathon liturgies: we didn't get out of the sweaty Church till around midday.

Tonight is the first game of indoor in three weeks after we missed out on the finals in the last game of last season. Hopefully this season we will be put in a crapper division, so we have some more beatable opposition to play against.

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