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Buck’s & Birthday

As is per usual in the weeks approaching a wedding, western societal tradition has it that the groom must be taken out by his closest friends and have things done to/for him that would normally otherwise be frowned upon by society's standards. See also the wikipedia entry.

Last night was my Buck's Night (otherwise called a Bachelor Party or Stag Night elsewhere in the world), and as expected it turned out to be quite an interesting night. As per the rules set for me for the night, I couldn't refuse any drinks and ended up drinking much more than I normally have.

Although I wouldn't say I got drunk, I was pretty much heavily tipsy, which is probably the closest to drunk that I have ever been (many people have lost good money on bets on attempting to get me drunk, so last night was probably one of the only times they could actually have a good chance of getting away with it). Added to that a permanent marker with which strangers were invited to sign any part of my exposed body with, and you have quite an interesting and humorous situation.

Funnily enough, we ran into Des and her entourage that were taking her out for her Hen's night, so I at least got to see my beautiful bride-to-be for a few minutes.

The night was also organised to coincide with my birthday, which we celebrated at the stroke of midnight. After touring the city's various attractions such as the Strike bowling bar (which btw we had faulty lanes that kept skipping/misreading people's bowls etc), The Exchange, Treasury Casino, etc, we eventually ended up at the Pancake Parlour. We ate some nice pancakes and went home.

I am grateful for my friends' efforts though, because they did stick to the rules that i very adamantly set down before the planning for last night began (e.g. definitely no strippers or anything alike etc), and I did have a really good time, so thanks to everyone who organised and attended.

After getting a few hours of sleep, I woke up and pretty much had a good, all-round lazy day that was punctuated by a very extended shower which was spent trying to scrub permanent marker of my arms, face, and neck. I got most of it off, but it took long enough to leave me feeling guilty at having to use so much water during this time of serious water restrictions.

The approaching week is my last week of work before the wedding, so i'm looking forward to tying up all the loose ends before I take time off to get hitched.

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  1. 8(+< Oh boo! I just had another crack at 'curveball'. Somehow I managed to get to level 6 without loosing a single life (go team me!), then over the next few goes I proceeded to suck more and more and only just made it into level 7 before loosing the game. Has anyone made it past level 8 before?


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