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My Opinion on Ebay

The Footballroos in BrisbaneFor some reason i'm not feeling the best at the moment, I feel really strange. Anywho, today whilst going into the City for lunch, we unknowingly stumbled upon the Footballroos (Socceroos) doing a public thing in the Queen St Mall ahead of their friendly against Paraguay in town on Saturday night. Nearly all the big names were there, except of course for Harry "I'm only allowed to play 5 games in a season" Kewell (who is really out injured, and of course is totally useless anyway). To your right is a really dodgy photo i attempted to take with my POS phone.

It's good to see so many people turn up in support of the team, and the sport in general: there had to be at least 1000+ people there creating havoc for the normal mall pedestrian traffic. There were a lot of families with kids decked out in Footballroos gear. I've been thinking of getting a jersey myself...

Anywho, for this entry thought I might write a bit about ebay. Most people assume that since I am a geek and generally nerdy, that I would buy and sell a lot of stuff on ebay. Not correct. In fact, I have made it my prerogative to totally steer clear of the whole ebay thing. (aside: i didn't know prerogitve was spelt prer...)

Firstly, I like my products new. I don't like buying used items at all, unless it is a totally rare item that forces me to. Even then I wouldn't buy the item from some person over the internet that I don't even know, i can't even see or talk to, and most importantly, can't even inspect item first-hand (and no, I don't count photos of the item posted on a webpage as inspecting the item).

Secondly, I don't trust people on the internet, and neither should most people. I'd rather not send my money to some person I don't even know, and then hope that they will send me the item I purchased, and hope the item was what I am expecting to get, and hope that it is in good condition. A lot of 'hopes' there.

Yes, I hear all the people saying there is a rating system etc, but it has been well demonstrated that people have had their accounts with good ratings hijacked by scammers and used it to scam money out of people.

Thirdly, I don't really have the time or need to sell anything I own, so that entire side of ebay is irrelevant to me.

Basically ebay is an anonymous worldwide garage sale, and for me that screams alarm bells. I just don't think it is a safe and honest shopping experience. Yes, i'm sure there will be thousands of people that swear by ebay, but personally, i'd rather save myself the hassle and time and steer clear.

Sorry if this entry didn't make such sense, I must get some rest...

4 thoughts on “My Opinion on Ebay”

  1. I'm with you on the ebay thing - not only am I dubious of quality, but the selling thing is a whole lot of effort, and I don't have the patience for bidding!!

    Having said that, I buy a lot of stuff online, but it's usually from reputable companies.

    Geek question: I need a burning programme for my lappy. Thinking Roxio or Nero... any other suggestions? And is there anything FREE, more to the point?:D

  2. Hehehe - I just realised I wrote 'not only am I of dubious quality'... of course I meant 'not only is it of dubious quality'.

    Although the former sentence probably works too!:D

  3. hehe. Yep I buy tonnes of stuff online, from proper reputable stores. And you still get warranty etc as you would from a normal one.

    Regarding the CD burning program, if your lappy has a burner it should have come with some sort of software. Roxio and Nero are the two big ones, but i've been a bit disenchanted with both a bit lately.

    Nevertheless, depending on what you need (i.e. DVD burning, video DVDs, etc etc) a some good free ones include CDBurnerXP Pro, as well as the free version of DeepBurner.


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