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Frustrating Football & Grossness

Gilberto ScoresIt's been a frustrating last 24 hours of football. After going to Church last night, via Nandos we went over my parents' place to watch the first few games of the English premier League. My team Arsenal, playing their first competitive match at their new stadium, only managed a 1-1 draw against relative minnows Aston Villa.

It was a totally frustrating game that I won't really go into.

Right after midday today was our indoor game, which we got pretty much hammered 6-2. The other team wasn't really that good, but were more persistent and took their chances well.

So ends a frustrating weekend of football, in which nothing really went right.

*Warning grossness may affect some people*
Some will remember a while ago me injuring my toe playing a game, and afterwards. Since then (early May) the toe-nail has remained black, and it's only in the last month or so that it's started growing out, leaving a space at the bottom of the nail. I had expected it to steadily grow out.

Well today during the middle of the game, that toe felt a bit ... squishy; yep that's the word i'm looking for: squishy. No pain at all, just a little weird. I thought it was just the sock being strange, but nah uh. Not thinking anything of it, I played out the game and, after I got home and took the sock off, I saw the reason for the squishiness: the black toe-nail had lifted off from the skin, and was only really hanging on at one small section.

After freaking out and squealing like a little girl, my Mum (who I had rung for advice) said to have a shower and come over so she could look. I should mention that it was not hurting at all, it just felt and looked really weird and gross.

After having a shower and getting dressed, much to my horror the nail totally fell off all by itself, leaving a quite disgusting half-deformed fresh nail that had been growing under it.

I was going to post pictures, but thought better of it.

Back to work tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Frustrating Football & Grossness”

  1. because a grown man saying he squeals like a little boy just doesn't sound right at all.

    lucas, thats what happened with me a couple of years back, but only half of my nail was black so only half of it fell off. it does grow back, give it a month or so it it'll start to look a bit better.


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