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Owies! & and Highbury Farewell

I am home today, taking the day off work because I am again incapacitated after a game of indoor last night. More on that later.

I had a pretty enjoyable weekend, on Saturday I missed out on most of the usual washing and cleaning as I went to my parents place and helped them set up a new computer that they had recently acquired.

Went to Church on Saturday night, and via Hungry Jack's, everybody came back to our place and watched Blade 2. As Andrew blogged, we had the weird experience of trying alcohol with vanilla coke. Interesting, but you could only catch a slight hint of vanilla through the fumes.

Sunday we went shopping in the morning, and chilled in the afternoon and watched the last of the Blade movies, Blade Trinity.

That comes to indoor football, where we actually had a sub this week. Although I scored two goals, the game was pretty terrible. We ended up getting thrashed 12-3. The team we played were rough, but not overly rough. Towards the end of the second half I ended up stubbing my left foot really badly as a clearance of mine was blocked by an opponents foot. It hurt but I didn't think it was that bad at the time, usually running it off helps.

A bit after that, I was rudely shouldered against the net, cutting my knee. As the game drew to a close, I felt my big toe on my left foot throbbing really badly, and it felt like it was swelling up.

I eventually came off and took off my shoe to see the toe-nail almost totally filled up with blue blood. It surprised me how quick it filled up. As the throbbing got worse, we quickly left for home to put the foot up and to ice and bandage the toe. I'd post a picture, but its a bit gross. over the last 12 house it's changed through a variety of weird and wonderful colours.

That night we went over to my parents place, because I desperately wanted to see the last ever Arsenal game at their Highbury Stadium after 93 years (we don't have Foxtel in the unit). The catch? it was on at 1am. I couldn't keep my foot down for more than 15 mins and puttin pressure on it was pretty painful, so Despina drove.

The final game was a triumphant one. Not only did they win 4-2 with Thierry Henry scoring a hatrick, but they pipped their local rivals Tottenham to 4th place in the League (the last Champions League qualifying position for next season) as Spurs went down 2-1 at West Ham.

It was great seeing the Highbury crowds reaction as they announced the that Spurs were losing with 5 mins to go.

After waking up in the morning and my toe being way too sore to keep down for an extended period of time, I decided that it wouldn't be a good idea to go to work today.

So for me its a 5th consecutive 4-day working week, although it isn't under the best of circumstances.

7 thoughts on “Owies! & and Highbury Farewell”

  1. Hey at least its only a stubbed toe, i am on my 9th week of a 12 week recovery period for my broken leg. It Sucks... Quite Alot

  2. Yowza, yeah of course. although its still not the same, I did spend about 12 weeks in that crappy spaceboot, so I sympathise.

  3. Dude, I think the Gods are telling you something about playing indoor footy! And by that I mean: "Wrap yourself in bubble wrap Lucas"

  4. lol! Funnily enough, it was 5 years ago that I saw Robbie Williams in Brisbane! November 2001 iirc... Man that makes me feel old

    Bubble wrap? Now there's an idea. I can bring it to the match and while the opposition players have fun popping the bubbles, i'll be scoring goals! 😀

  5. Teeheehee!! I remember you going to see him, we were all terribly jealous! It was meant to be a Wembley but, the Wembley debacle being what it is, it's now at Milton Keynes. Either way - Robbie!


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