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Easter 2006

I know it's about two days too late now, but ah well. 'Christ is Risen!' to everybody.

Redurrected Christ

Come receive the light from the unwaning light, and glorify Christ, Who has risen from the dead

Holy Week was almost a blur, but it was a good one. As mentioned before it was a kind of strange one working full-time and also being married. But it was good in that we chose our timing on when to go to Church and not family, which meant that we actually got to most of the services on time, or before time in order to get seats. (a special note must go to Andrew who scored us our Good Friday seats).

After the Resurrection service and Liturgy, we went straight to McDonald's to break our fast. I got a Double beef n' Bacon, chips, and an apple pie. Those Double beef n' Bacon burgers had been haunting me all Lent. Turned out to be my undoing though, because about 45mins after I had finished eating them I had severe stomach cramps for about an hour or so.

People kept on telling me I had to ease into the meat and fatty foods, but it didn't seem to matter too much to me at the time. Next year will be a different story though. We eventually got home just after 4am.

Easter Sunday was tiring: we went to the usual family things, but we also had time to go and play our round of football which started at 7:30pm.

Having tomorrow (Anzac Day) off (or is it today now...) is such a welcome relief to wind down from Holy Week and Easter.

I'll hopefully be enjoying it by lazing on the couch and working through some of the DVDs we have acquired in recent history but haven't had time to watch.

Tonight I watched King Kong which went for 3 hours; hence the very late blog entry. I dunno, other than the fact that it was about an hour too long (most of the first hour was so unnecessary, but it is a Peter Jackson movie), i didn't mind it. I would say it was good, but not that great.

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