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Next Month is NaBloPoMo

I've often said that one of the main reasons why I keep a blog is for my own personal use. It is great to be able to look back and see what you were thinking and blogging about on the same day one, two, or even three years previously.

In doing exactly that a couple a days ago, I reviewed this post from late October 2004 in which I had completed seven consecutive days of making blog entries. I'm pretty sure that that is still the longest consecutive string of blogging that I have achieved to date, and it brings into stark contrast my pretty lazy blogging in recent times in which i've been lucky to make one post a week, which is disgraceful for a geek like me (although I have somewhat lifted my game of late).

NaBloPoMoThus it was more than coincidental that very soon after pondering that I stumbled upon NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). This initiative is trying to get people to make one blog posting a day for the entire month of November. I thought it was a great idea, although I was a little turned off by the coarse-ish language used on the site and the whole gun-to-the-head images used to advertise it. However the non-gun alternative imagery of Yoda (pictured) sealed the deal for me.

So with Yoda on the right declaring my participation, next month I along with more than a few other bloggers will endeavour to make one blog posting for every day in November. I'm not totally sure how on Earth i'm going to find enough content to actually make the blog postings at least somewhat interesting, but i'll try my best.

Anyone joining me?

6 thoughts on “Next Month is NaBloPoMo”

  1. Mel: pfff, being in italy without a computer isn't a valid excuse (jk) 😛

    Con: hehe, aaahh no.

    If you read the NaBloPoMo page: " If you don't want to participate as a NaBloPoMo blogger then your mission is simply to delurk and comment on one of the sites below, or another of your favorite blogs, once a day in the month of November as a show of support."


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