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My Own “The Streak”

I've noticed it now a few times on TV shows: characters bragging about having gone a lengthy time without vomiting (which usually leads to them somehow ending their run). One of the few that immediately comes to mind is the Seinfeld episode in which a cookie ends Jerry's non-vomit streak, and also more recently in How I Met Your Mother with Ted proudly boasting that he was "vomit-free since '93", which also turned out to have ended in the course of the episode.

If i may say so myself, I am quite proudly also in the middle of my very own vomit-free streak. I haven't thrown-up since the start of year 11 in January/February 1999. That means that if I make it past my birthday this February I will have gone eight years without driving the porcelain bus. Personally, I think that's pretty impressive, and I challenge any of my readers to beat that.

I don't know if in writing this entry, like the TV episodes, I will also curse myself to have it ended soon, but what the heck, it makes for good blogging. Also now that I have made this public, I will be on the lookout for people deliberately trying poison/inebriate me for the purpose of ending my streak. I'll be watching you!!

The past few days hasn't really seen anything interesting. Although the Wii has a few more exciting things coming out soon: the forecast channel was activated yesterday, and apparently on Friday they plan to launch the beta of the Opera-based web browser for the console.

The latter would be fantastic: for example, if I only wanted to get on the net to quickly check a football score, it'll be a whole lot faster to turn on the Wii and check it there rather than turn on the computer, wait for it to boot, login, wait for it to start up, wait for Firefox to open, etc etc.

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  1. It was my fault it is there twice. Lucas'site is the slowest loading site using the Wii I have found so far and I hit submit twice thinking it was not working the first time. 🙁 Boo!


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