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End of NaBloPoMo & Orange Sky

Day 30, last day of NaBloPoMo

Brisbane Orange SkySo this is the last day of NaBloPoMo! It's definitely been an interesting experience, i'm not totally sure if i'd do it again next year, but who knows.

I think i've done quite well over the month, i'm pretty sure there were only a few entries which I made just for the sake of it.

To life-blogging: Meteorologically, today was very weird. We woke up to literally a dark orange sky. At first I thought it was only the sunrise being a bit funny, but that spooky dark orange sky lasted until after midday. Michael at work took the above image at around 11am this morning. Apparently the weird sky was caused by low-level cloud trapping smoke and ash from bush-fires to the north as well as a dust storm passing through the region.

Tonight after work we went to Kmart to do the most of our Christmas shopping. We spent almost three hours there, and among presents for the family, Des and I bought our very first plastic Christmas tree complete with decorations and star. We'll probably be putting it up in the next week, watch out for photos here.

4 thoughts on “End of NaBloPoMo & Orange Sky”

  1. I havent visited your site for quite a while... obviously married life getting a bit boring (hence the NaBloPoMo?) or maybe you need something to get away from your wife?? hahah jks I loved the PMS survival, that was gold.


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