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Action Packed Weekend

I had a pretty action packed weekend

Let's start with Friday. I finished work with glee, came home and eventually welcomed the various people who came around to play what is now our weekly poker game. I say 'eventually' because every single one of them was late. Somewhat forgivable for the Greek because it is our blood, but the rest (probably also owing to their own ethnic backgrounds) shouldn't have had an excuse ;). Nah, really its cool.

Come to think about it, we are a strange bunch, and really the epitome of multiculturalism. There is myself half-Greek half-Cypriot, another Greek, an El Salvadorian, another hailing from Hong Kong, and another from somewhere in Asia. Not an Anglo-Saxon in sight.

Anyway, we eventually started our game, and Despina came home in time to join in as well. At quarter past 12 that night, just me and Des were left in an epic husband vs wife showdown. However everyone was pretty tired, so we decided to let fate decide and play the all the subsequent hands as an all-in affair even before we saw our cards. Despina won two hands in a row to finish off the game as well as my masculine pride.

On Saturday morning Des had a Tupperware party at our unit. I spent the time cowering inside my 'Geek' room, seeking shelter from the copious amount of estrogen floating around our usually tranquil living room.

Once the e-storm (parent pending hehe) departed, I finished off playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and then we made out way to Church at the earlier-than-usual time of 5:30 because of the Panayiri being on (the annual Greek festival at our Parish, which spans two days and two nights attracting usually over 40 thousand people every year).

It was Fr Silouan's last Liturgy on a Saturday night before he moves down to Adelaide next week. During the middle of his last dismissal, there was an awfully loud bang in the narthex (the entrance area of the Church). I turned around to see Despina's uncle attempting to be helped up from the floor near the door. I rushed to help, at first thinking he was having a heart attack. As I got closer, I could see a huge gash on his head above his right eye, with a blood streaming profusely down his face.

It ended up he had tripped on a mat in the doorway and fell head-first into the corner of a large metal door at the entrance of the Church. After my own initial shock, we laid him down in the doorway and using my handkerchief applied pressure to his wound.

He sure did pick a good night to injure himself though. Because of the festival, there were plenty of police, security, and thankfully also St John Ambulance volunteers there. Within minutes three of the St John Ambulance people were on the scene, and with proper first-aid materials, oxygen, and a foil blanket, treated him there while we waited for an ambulance to arrive.

I must take this moment to commend the St John Ambulance people and the fantastic work they do. For the most part they are 100% volunteers, and would urge everybody to buy a first-aid kit from them or donate to them. From what I saw on Saturday night, these people are worth their weight in gold.

Anyway, it took the ambulance almost half an hour to arrive, which I find absolutely appalling. For it to take that long to get an Ambulance to an event with over 10000 people (at a minimum) which is barely 2 minutes away from one of the city's major hospitals, is a shocking indication at the state of the health system in Queensland today.

Anyway, the Ambos eventually arrived, relieved the St John people, and took him to hospital. Five hours and 14 stitches later, he was back home nursing his wound.

After that we briefly entered the Panayiri to get Despina a Gyros, and then we went to Nando's to eat. Why not eat at the Panayiri? Because in truth I really, really don't like it. I don't like paying exorbitant amount for Greek food that I can basically get at home anyway, and combined with me not liking being in overcrowded areas and getting jostled around frequently, makes it not enjoyable for me at all.

On Sunday I mostly had a relaxing day at home while Despina went to the Panayiri to video our cousin dance. It was a welcome period of serenity. That night I played football, we lost 5-2, me scoring one, and wasting many others. I picked up a few knocks, but nothing that will stop me from playing next week. For all those wondering, my previously injured toe is still pretty black under the nail, the blood and bruising is still draining from it, and despite the bleak predictions from all those who've seen it, all signs are that I won't lose the nail.

Work today was good: not too busy, not too quiet. I also got a new work computer complete with a lightscribe DVD burner for me to do the archiving on.

Apologies for the long entry. You have just clocked up approximately 867 Lucas Frequent Reader points.

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