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Why Do I Bother?! & Sunglass Dilemmas

So ends another weekend. I did some geekness on Friday night till late (more blog code modification), and yesterday I did all the normal computer maintenance in the morning, while bludging for the rest of the day.

After Church last night we went to Lone Star at Springwood for dinner, which was surprising because we went there last week after Church, and even more surprising was that the person who suggested it received pretty bad service there last week.

Anywho, after that we went back to my parent's place so i could watch the Arsenal game on Foxtel at midnight. The last few Arsenal games that I watched over a month and a half ago were really depressing experiences, but since then they have won every single game in the League.

They weren't playing great opposition (sorry Everton fans :p) so I thought i'd see them win a game. Wrong. The other team scored first and subsequently figured that they could defend it for another 75 minutes, throwing every man into defence and almost literally putting up a wall in front of goal. Arsenal eventually equalised, but it was another utterly frustrating game. The statistics were amazing, I think in the first half Arsenal had something like 90% of possession, whilst the opposition only had 2 or 3 shots on or off target in the whole entire match.

I really don't know why I bother watching the games any more, and i'm starting to think that me watching the games might be some sort of jinx.

Today we went shopping, and I soothed my Arsenal disdain by buying and watching the 03/04 Premier League Season Review in which Arsenal were champions and made history by going the whole season (all 38 games) unbeaten.

When were out shopping today I discovered that my much loved sunglasses are starting to irritate my vision. I am a person who wears sunglasses every time I step outside, my eyes being very sensitive to glare and brightness.

My SunglassesMy sunglasses are a pair of Oakley Straight Jacket Ice Iridiums (pictured right). I got them for $300 in February 2001 after getting a heap of money and vouchers for my 18th birthday, and they are my first ever pair of expensive glasses. I had wanted these sunglasses for about a year before I got enough money to actually buy them, and I have loved them to bits since. They are so comfortable to wear, block out all glare and sunlight, and just look so damn cool with the blue specs and blue flames running down the side.

Thus it has aggrieved me badly that after five and a half years of loyal service, they are showing their wear and starting to impede my clear vision through them. After being more careless with them in recent years they have a few major scratches, and I have accepted the inevitable fact that I will soon have to replace them after having them for so long.

This is something that I have not looked forward to: I am very fussy with how sunglasses sit on my face and how tight they are on my head, not to mention the glare-eliminating side of things. I have flirted with the idea of buying the same pair again, but they have long left the stores in Australia, being discontinued a fair while ago. Plus they were very expensive (even when one doesn't consider inflation since 2001), but with over five and a half years of everyday use they have been worth every single cent that i paid for them.

After imagining the inevitable exhaustive search for new sunnies, I thought "stuff it, i'll search the internet to see if some place somewhere in the world is still selling these things'. Totally surprisingly, i actually found two places still selling them, one in America and one in England. Even more surprisingly, the American one was selling them for USD$150 (that's $233 in AUD$ including international shipping), making them significantly cheaper than when I bought them almost six years ago, which is absolutely amazing considering the international shipping, inflation, and especially that they are a discontinued line.

I hesitated though, because even at that cheaper price it's still a lot of money for a married couple with a home loan and interest rates on the rise. Then I thought of how often I use them (many times each day), how long the current pair have lasted me, and how much I need comfortable and reliable sunnies. So I ordered them. If they last another 5 years, they will be well worth the cost.

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