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Fighting the Urge to Wii: N64 Resurrected

Another awesome title from me! *dodges the rotten tomatoes and rubbish thrown at me*

As i've blogged before, it's been tough resisting the temptation to buy a Nintendo Wii. The internet stories saying how great it is has been pushing me to my limits. Rolando even managed to convince my wife (formerly the bastion of resistance and my main cause of not getting one, second to the fact that we can't afford it of course), that it was actually really great and now she subsequently wants to get one also.

Today my friend at work Michael cracked before I did and rushed out at lunch and actually bought one, apparently he got one of the last ones left in the city and North-side; see his own blog entry.

In order to fight the urge to buy one myself, I had to get a little console gaming fix. Tonight we went to dinner at my parents' place and I managed to pull out my old Nintendo 64 that was still stored in their cupboard and drag it back to our unit and have a little play (pictured below). After almost 8 years the thing still goes strong. There's nothing like a good game of Mario Kart.

Me Playing N64

I'm glad that I actually kept the old thing, it's always good to relive the glory days of playing the old N64. I remember the parties with the guys from school and us playing four player Mario Kart, or even better, GoldenEye for hours on end.

I had bought the thing back in roughly 1997 or 1998: I got the limited edition 'Gold Controller' pack; the gold controller was always my own, and I always played with it and was pretty protective of it.

We have a pretty modest collection of games:
- Mario Kart 64
- GoldenEye
- Diddy Kong Racing
- Turok 2 (which I didn't really like myself)
- Star Wars Episode I Racer
- Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
- Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
- South Park
- F-1 Word Grand Prix

6 thoughts on “Fighting the Urge to Wii: N64 Resurrected”

  1. Hey Lucas, you should get a wii, all the cool kids have one! Ha ha, I still mainly blame you for me having an awesome wii session last night! Thanks! 🙁 (so poor)

  2. Hey Lucas! We still have a SUPER NINTENDO at my mum's house, with the original Mario Kart and Mario Bros games... nothin' like old-skool Mario *insert Mario Bros theme music* doo doo doo doo-doo doodoo ...

  3. We had a SNES as well, with like all of the Donkey Kong games, unfortunately, we gave it (along with all our games) to our younger cousins in Sydney about six years ago 🙁

    In hindsight, we really should have kept it...


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