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Football Victory!

Tim Cahill celebratesIf you guessed that the title refers to the Australian victory over Japan in the Football World Cup, you are correct, but I was also referring to our indoor football team winning a second game on the trot. But more on that later.

I stayed up last night to watch Australia play Japan, which kicked off at 11pm Eastern Australian time. For the majority of the game Australia played pretty ordinary. Although having the majority of possession, they really didn't create many chances but were unlucky to be quite unfairly behind following a Japanese goal which really should have been an Australian free kick.

Anyway, the game ended marvellously with Australia scoring 3 goals in the last 8 minutes of the game (which i'm told is a new record for an end to a World Cup game), Timmy Cahill starring for the Aussies.

Why on Earth Guus started a Harry Kewel (who did absolutely nothing for nearly the whole entire game) over the remarkably talented and in-form Cahill is absolutely beyond me.

As my friends who have been on the brunt of this opinion of mine will know, I am sick to death of all the media concentrating almost solely on Harry Kewel as the 'star' (notice the quotes) of the Australian squad, when there are so many more players in the team which are doing so much more on the field than the poor form of Kewel.

Kewel is one of those players which has just built up a name for himself which isn't entirely deserved. Don't get me wrong, he's not a terrible player, he's just one of those players which play satisfactory games most of the time with the sometimes occasional punctuation of brilliance. I'd choose Cahill any day.

In other games, it's good to see new Arsenal signing Tomas Rosicky playing absolutely amazingly for the Czech Republic against the Americans. I can't wait to see him playing for Arsenal.

Back to our own indoor football team, we continued our good form on Sunday night with another win. Overall we played pretty good, but I think I had a shocker. Although my defending was good, I had a plethora of goal-scoring chances that I all squandered. We won it 4-2, but I could have easily have added another 3 if i put a few of mine away.

I know it's probably obvious, but I love my football. I think only my lovely wife realises how much I love and look forward to playing every week, and how much hapiness, elation, joy, anguish, anger, and sorrow i get when I watch games on TV, especially the teams I support. It is really part of who I am, and there aren't many things I enjoy more than playing each game of indoor each week with the ball at my feet. Needless to say, every four years at World Cup time I get more than my needed fix of football, and thanks to our timezone, usually less sleep than I would normally count as necessary.

My frequent readers will notice that I have implemented a few of the changes that I mentioned I would try to do: the image verification code should now be at most 4 characters and also a little clearer, and I have inserted a permalink for each entry in the header.

Some may also have noticed that I am also making an effort to include an image in each of my entries. I know how reading just text can be a bit tedious, so hopefully a few perty pictures will make reading my entries not such a bore as they usually are.

8 thoughts on “Football Victory!”

  1. I think your being too harsh on Kewel. Don't forget he was not 100% before the match. Let's also not forget what he did in the qualifiers for Australia to get to the World Cup. But I think after that game the focus will certainly be taken off him.

    Did you see Guus' reaction after Japan scored? For a second, I actually thought he was dying. Go Guus.

  2. What did he do in the qualifiers?? almost nothing. He kicked a penalty that 3 other guys also put away.

    Over the past 3 or 4 years, Kewel's been only a mediocre player with some good games both for club and country.

    When I first saw Guus' reaction I thought he was having a heart attack!

  3. Let us not forget, in the 2nd qualifier he set up Bresciano's goal which forced a penalty shoot out. And no penalty shoot out meant no World Cup.

    On a related note - Australia or Brazil and by how much??

  4. Kewel 'set up' that goal by stuffing up his shot (he should have scored himself), which luckily fell to Bresciano who scored the goal.

    I think it will be Brazil 2-1, but hoping for the reverse (Australia 2-1).


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