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I Wiid Myself

Me with my WiiSo many titles to chose from:! 'Welcome to the Wiikend', 'There's Wii on the Floor', etc etc.

As you can probably tell, today I caved into the marketing and hype and actually bought myself a Nintendo Wii (pictured). What was the main catalyst in the breaking of my weak resistance? Today was the work Christmas party at lunch, and we were given Christmas bonuses in the form of Coles Myer gift cards, which were larger than I expected.

This subsequently pushed the Wii into the 'probably affordable' range, and truthfully, I don't know what else I would have used those gift cards on anyway. Anywho, after quick call to the Minister of Finance (Despina), I got her approval, and she also very wonderfully did all the ringing around for me too.

The only place in reasonable driving distance that actually had any consoles left was Myer in the City. Luckily they do holds, so we put one on hold for me. A brisk trip into the city, and i'm now a proud Wii owner.

I picked up another controller (with the Wii Play pack), but nobody in the city (or Carindale as well for that matter) had any nunchucks or component cables left. As yet, I haven't bought any extra games either, I think I might wait and see the credit card bill before considering that.

So what do I think of the thing now that I have one? I can see why people are saying that this is a revolution in gaming: a console aimed at everyone, my wife actually doing a good job at challenging me playing tennis is a good indicator of that. I'd like to try a few other games to fully test it out though; I have my eyes on Call of Duty 3 and the Zelda game (Christmas present hint anyone?...).

I'm also sitting here very sweaty and smelly after getting quite a workout playing the thing. In my opinion, it's the next best thing after a gym!

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