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Almost Accident

Yesterday I had a really unnerving experience driving to lunch. I almost, stress almost, had a serious car accident driving to none other than the usual Nando's. Driving along Vulture St, some idiot decided to reverse out of the Cyprus House driveway (of all places!), obviously without consulting the road to see if someone just might be driving on it.

Unfortunately I was, and was given just enough time to slam on the brakes and at the same time swerve right, missing him by less than half a metre according to my judgement. I'm not sure if i'll be forgetting the short screech of the tires any time soon.

I've really never been that close to a serious accident before: I was going just under the 60k/hr speed limit, and had i hit the other car at that speed, i don't think it would have been pretty. Even more scary is that i swerved considerably onto the other side of the road, but thankfully there were no other cars travelling in the opposite direction.

What do you do though? Your first reaction is to swerve and miss the guy that you're just about to hit, which I did almost totally on instinct: I truthfully can't even remember even thinking about it. So if there was another car travelling the opposite direction in the other lane, would it have been my fault if I swiped them or had a head-on collision? I don't even want to think about what could have happened in the latter situation.

I kept on driving after the adrenalin had kicked in, and strangely my clutch leg began shaking when changing gears, which was very weird as it's something I haven't experienced since nervously doing my driving tests almost seven years ago.

Needless to say, I was saying a few 'thank-you's to the man upstairs for the rest of the day. I guess my heart passed the stress-test, a few grams of yellow sediment in the arteries were probably moved along as well.

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