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My LogoThe regulars will notice that things may look a little different. I've just completed a minor redesign, mainly just overhauling the site header.

Since the implementation of the last design, although it was nice and simple, I knew it was a little... boring. So with the help of the very patient and wonderful Mrs (who is really good at the graphic stuff btw), we've made the site header a little snazzier.

I've put in a gradient background that seems to be the fashion recently, as well as jazzed up the title of both the site and the page. The page title font is so strikingly similar to my own handwriting it's not funny. (Yes my handwriting is like a 5 year old's).

Another feature that I looked forward to was the return of my logo. I tried really hard to put it into the main part of the title, but it never really fitted in anywhere nicely. So I decided to tone the colour of it down and have it in the top corner as a kind of 'stamp' effect.

Feedback is more than welcome, and so are any bug/defect reports. 🙂

Anywho, i'm kinda bummed out at being on the computer (i think the redesign was about 10 or so hours of work), plus i'm really tired from football tonight, so I might leave life-blogging for tomorrow).

Edit 8:30am 2006-10-16: Firefox seems to be a bit lazy in picking up the new changes. If things don't look right, Firefox users may need to do a forced cache reload: do this by pressing Ctrl-F5 if using it on Windows.

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