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New Years

So starts 2006. Happy New Years to everyone. Is it just me, or does everyone else hate how every new year we have to start writing the new date? We just barely got used to writing the last year, and then they make us write a different year; the nerve! I'm mainly peeved off because for some reason I don't like the way I draw my 6s.

As with most people, I made a new years resolution. This year my resolution was not to make a new years resolution. In doing that i've already failed at my resolution and now I don't have to worry about living up to a resolution I probably wouldn't keep anyway, so i'm happy.

>Insert apologies here for lameness< I mentioned in last year's 'Year in Review' entry that 2005 was a year of many lasts for me. 2006, i'm sure, will be a year of a great many firsts. Of course on top of that list is getting married and moving out of home, although both of those are 'one and onlys'.

Although we didn't have anything planned for New Years, we ended up having some people from Church over (because it was a Saturday night there was a Liturgy) and played some poker. We stopped playing for the countdown, and the subsequent fireworks at Southbank turned out to be an a big anti-climax, because you couldn't really see them from our place although we do have views of the city. Down the street there was a private fireworks display, that I found more impressive, and it even lasted almost as long as the Southbank one was.

I was back to work today, and I'm currently debating whether to wake up early tomorrow morning to watch the Arsenal v Man Utd match. Arsenal are doing terribly at the moment, so we'll see...

4 thoughts on “New Years”

  1. Your New Years Resolution sounds so awesome! I'm jelous of how cool it is. That's the kind of logic that makes robot heads explode.

    I never bother making one for myself, I dont see the point in making me do something I dont want to do through out the year.

    The year 2006 sounds cooler then 2007 and looks alot better then 2005. I think my favourite year will be 2024 for looking cool as 24 is my favourite number. 2424 doesnt have the same ring to it and the world is probably destroyed by then anyway.

    Conclusion: In short; purple monkey dishwasher


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