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Prayer Ropes & Lightsabers (Edit 1)

This past week i've gotten very excited about two acquisitions: a prayer rope and a lightsaber. 'WTF?' I hear many of you exclaiming? What best sums up this strange pairing is a label someone gave to me a while back (i can't remember who), which said I was 'a religious geek'. I love God, and I love Star Wars (obviously not equally), so getting these two things have made me quite happy :D.

My new prayer ropeAfter losing the prayer ropes that I had a while back, I have been wanting to get a replacement for a while. Sadly, Church hasn't had any in stock in the bookstore for a while either. Thankfully, Andrew recently went on another trip down to the monastery and brought us back some prayer ropes (mine right) among other things for us. Special thanks to Andrew for that.

Another very exciting acquisition was a Star Wars Force FX Lightsaber. This thing is awesome. The hilt is real metal, and a replica licensed from Lucasfilm, but even more amazing is that the blade lights up like a 'real' lightsaber. The blade is permanently attached to the hilt, and is basically a glorified coloured fluorescent tube, but still spectacular nonetheless.

Photos below: the first one is the hilt (with the blade deactivated with some of my other Star Wars paraphernalia in the background), and the second one is the activated blade lighting up the room.

Lightsaber hilt Lit lightsaber

Sleep now, semi-finals of football start early tomorrow. Expect a wrap from me soon.

Edit 5 July 2006: I forgot to mention a couple of things:

The main reason for the lightsaber purchase was my extreme disappointment at not getting anything in the recently closed online auctions of stuff from Arsenal's now old stadium of the past 93 years, Highbury. Everything that I was interested in quickly skyrocketed out of my price range (i.e. 100 pounds plus). This has made me even more disappointed at not being able to get my Highbury seat.

Also, i'm still holding my breath for the server update mentioned previously. My host has been busy with other things, so hopefully (or not hopefully?) this should happen soon.

2 thoughts on “Prayer Ropes & Lightsabers (Edit 1)”

  1. Cool, I want a lightsaber now. >:(
    Italy sucks! Hey Italy feel free to play an exciing game and not be so boring.

    I also just realised that the World Cup Final is on the same morning that I am also meant to get a train all the way out to Dreamworld for opening hours for a friends 21st. I will be soo tired 🙁


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