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Samsung’s Reply & USB Drives

The World Cup has kicked off! After poker and the previous entry last night, I stayed up to watch the Germany vs Costa Rica match. After the guys left though, I closed my eyes for what seemed a few seconds during the very drawn out pre-match stuff, only to open them and see it was already half an hour into the game, and after 3 goals had already been scored.

After getting over me falling asleep, i kept my eyes open for the rest of the game (which was quite entertaining btw), and saw Germany win 4-2.

Other than the World Cup, during the past few days there have been a few interesting developments.

Many will remember the troubles that I had with my Samsung mobile phone a few months back, and the subsequent letter i wrote to Samsung after my warranty claim was rejected. After getting it repaired through my insurers and still having no reply to my letter i wasn't a very happy camper indeed.

Well yesterday I received a reply to the letter I sent almost three months ago. See the letter they sent me here.

I would hardly call a letter I sent them months ago as 'recent', and although they say the warranty claim was rejected because of 'physical damage', they conveniently ignored the majority of the things I wrote in my letter. But this was the response I was expecting from them. Nevertheless, the phone was not a quality product, and the design and manufacturing of it should be more robust for such a portable device.

I am still very bitter towards Samsung as a result of this, and true to my word I will not be purchasing or recommending any of their products or services in the future. Anywho.

USB DrivesAlso yesterday I acquired a new USB drive. It's a 1GB Sandisk Cruzer Micro, and true to its name, it is absolutely tiny. Shown in the picture on the right is the new one (in blue), my current red one and an Australian 20c piece, and yes, my very own thumb. The new one's got four times the storage than my current Generic 256MB red USB drive (which ironically has a Samsung flash chip in it) and more importantly its about half the size especially depth-wise, so it will be able to fit into the crazily recessed USB ports on the front of the IBM desktops at work.

7 thoughts on “Samsung’s Reply & USB Drives”

  1. Yes that letter was quite a pickle. What you need to do is reply by stating it was indeed a manufacturing fault and not physical damaage.

    There obviously was no misuse done on your part, it was not an accident because at the time you didn't know about it breaking, and it was not normal wear and tear because the phone's exterior was not damaged to indicate any knocks and bumps caused by normal wear and tear.

    Then of course you can get them on the mental anguish, loss of productivity, statutory charges and legal fees, disturbance costs, injurious affection, interest and expenses and a higher capitalisation rate for the new phone you now have. Cha Ching.


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