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Heartbroken: Arsenal Lose CL Final

I really am. What a nightmare of game it was too. The Arsenal goal-keeper was (fairly) sent off in the 18th minute for bringing down an opposition player going for goal, so Arsenal had to play with 10 men for the vast majority of the game.

Arsenal even went in front 1-0 after that, and held onto that lead until the 76th minute when Barcelona equalised and subsequently scored the winner in the 81st. I wouldn't be as upset if Barcelona totally outplayed us, even with Arsenal playing with 10 men. The truth is that Arsenal could have sealed the game with at least 3 or 4 chances by Henry, Ljunberg, and Hleb that all went wasted.

No, there was to be no Man Utd/Liverpool miracle, that never happens to Arsenal. Truth was, it was their own undoing; from the Lehmann sending off to the missed chances that would have clinched it, it really was a night of missed opportunities for the Gunners.

Credit goes to Barcelona though, they truly are worthy champions.

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2 thoughts on “Heartbroken: Arsenal Lose CL Final”

  1. Seeing as its old now, can i comment?
    its a question:
    if the keeper is sent off, what happens? is the new keeper chosen from the men on the field? do they play without a keeper? does a new keeper come on and someone else come off?

  2. it depends of when in the game it is. If the team hasn't already used all of their 3 allowed substitutions, they usually take off one of their field players and send on the replacement goal-keeper (which is what happened in this game).

    if they have used all of their subs, I don't think there is much they can do except put one of their field players in the goals as goal-keeper. But in all my years of watching football, i've never seen this situation.


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