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Football Venting

It takes something that makes me either very happy or very angry to make post an entry merely 3 hours after i've already done one, and i'm sure you can ascertain from the title of this entry which of the former situations is making be write this.

Firstly, we won tonight's indoor football game comfortably 6-3, so the result is definitely not the reason for this vent. The reason for this vent is rather the officiating that took place within the match.

Never in my 15 years of playing football have I been so incensed with the referee. Refereeing the game was the same guy from last week's terribly officiated game. I played a jekyll/hyde game, often playing brilliantly, and then terribly. My style of play in regards to refereeing is really no different than the average player: if something happens (like a hand-ball, high-ball, or foul) I appropriately call for the decision.

In the first half during the middle of a play, the ref calls my name and says something along the lines of "if you want to referee the game, let me know". A bit taken aback, I just raise my eyebrows and then continue playing, keeping my mouth shut. I'm not one to make smart-ass remarks back to the referee.

After frustratingly wasting several good chances on goal, I got a good pass and subsequently dispatched the ball into the net. Walking back in triumph, I discover that the referee has ruled the goal out for offside (in indoor you are not allowed to enter into the keeper's semi-circle).

I was absolutely shocked, because I was 110% certain that I was at least half a metre away from the keepers area (i.e I wasn't even close!). The ref explained that I kicked the shot and my foot came down in the area before the ball hit the back of the net.

Bullshit. Firstly I was half a metre away from the damn area, and secondly, even if i was close to the circle, there was no way my foot could have come down in time after I had kicked the ball and before the ball went in.

I managed to stumble out "I wasn't even anywhere near the area!" to which he replied the same thing as before. Again, knowing not to back-chat to referees and knowing that I wasn't going to get anywhere anyway, I made the motion of zipping up my lips and raised my hands, not saying any more; I can live with bad decisions.

Then the ref came at me (verbally), quite assertively saying that he doesn't make things up blah blah, to which i reply "im not saying anything". Yet he still comes after me, saying the same thing! I reply again: "I heard what you said, and i'm not saying anything!", but he still goes on!

I then just ignore him and continue playing. Never have I had a ref come after me for not saying or doing anything. I played out the game still goal-less.

After the incidents of the past two weeks with the same referee, I can't help but come to the conclusion that the guy doesn't like me personally for some reason. And really, I have no idea why. I haven't done or said anything to get him so riled up.

If we get him in subsequent matches, I hope he gets over whatever is making him dislike me so much.

End rant & vent.

4 thoughts on “Football Venting”

  1. Hmm, tricky position to be in, I find it is always best in these situations to skillfuly take the ref out with a nice hard (cold morning) ball to the cruth and claim it was an accident. I used to always get in arguements with refs, most of them were dads just filling in, but it sucked when their calls were so obvously not correct.

    PS. that sounded very agressive, in hindsight maybe my advice isn't great but at least you would have 10 seconds of pure awesomeness before he gets his breath back to send you off. :/ ... Ignore me Lucas.

  2. hehe, lol at both of you.

    In hindsight of this whole incident, I think the ref was attempting to bait me so i would say something inappropriate back to him so he would have grounds to send me off.

    But still, I have no idea why he dislikes me so much.


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