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Wedding Weekend & Fantastic Comeback

My Sister's WeddingIs this weekend over already?! I really haven't had a proper one.

There was a fairly big event in my family yesterday: the wedding of my younger sister. It's quite hard to believe that she is now married. I had a great time, it's hard to put into words how happy I am for her; I was smiling for the most of the night. I had a great time, and it's always good having an excuse to get dressed up. Although the weather wasn't great, it did stop raining at the times we needed it to. That's two down one to go (my brother's in April).

Tonight was indoor, and what a strange and fantastic game it ended up being. We didn't have a sub and had to recruit a fill-in goal-keeper to make a full team because Rolando, despite turning up, was too wuss to play because he "had a big night" last night. pfff. man up.

We won the the game 5-3 after being 0-3 down at half time. It was a truly remarkable comeback. In the first half Wil got a blue card for a deliberate hand-ball and was sent off for 3 minutes, and because we were without subs, we were pretty much out of it at half time. Ben was lucky to not to get sent off too after almost tackling a guy into the net, the overreaction of the opposing team's players probably saving his skin.

We absolutely came to life in the second half, with Wil more than making up for his first half blunder by scoring two goals, the second of which was an absolute screamer: a volley from distance that went straight into the top left corner. Wil hardly scores, so this was very special. Ben scored the next two, with me sealing it with the fifth.

I generally played a really good game; the only thing lacking for me was some good finishing, I should have had about 3 or 4 easy goals in the bag. It was a really rough game too, but we held our own.

In addition to the Sunday indoor I've also started playing futsal again during the week to build up some more fitness (and to drop a few unnecessary kilos). It's mixed futsal (playing with my future sister-in-law), and from all indications it seems a lot more relaxed and enjoyable than my previous attempt at mixed futsal.

To end with amusement, here is a video about a likely end of the world (warning: very course language, NSFW.

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