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Blogging & Drained

Blogging ImageToday I was thinking about 'blogs' themselves, and how nearly every public personality/media outlet now have them on their own websites: from radio shows to journalists to politicians, seemingly everyone has a blog.

When I started this blog two and a half years ago, there weren't that many blogs around. LiveJournal had been around for a bit, and blogger was beginning to come into its own, but still there wasn't that many people with blogs.

Previous to that, i didn't really see the point of a blog, but after setting up more for fun after I properly established this site, i've blogged and never looked back. Personally, this blog is more for my own reference than anyone else's: I love looking back two years and reading the stuff I was going through and the stuff that I blogged. Imagine how valuable it would be to me in another 5 years time.

Just after my musings, I stumbled upon an article in today's IT section of The Australian which included a very humorous, but also very true snippit on blogging:

Of two blogs [according to Technorati two new blogs are created every second], one will be abandoned almost immediately as the writer realises that talking about themselves constantly is not as entertaining as it sounds. The other writes more regularly, except when it takes eight weeks to do an update because "things are really crazy at work right now".

It's just as well that this blogging natural selection happens. Otherwise, every person on the planet would soon have multiple blogs. Everyone would be so busy updating (or rather, not updating) them that no one would have time to read anyone else's blogs, sending the world population into fits of depression about the lack of reads, comments and links their profound words are generating.

hehe so true.

To lifeblogging, in recent days (maybe even weeks...) i've been feeling increasingly drained, like I have very little energy. You know its getting bad when nearly every person you talk to at work asks "are you feeling ok" or "you look really tired" etc.

It came to a head last night when we went to the vespers at Panagia the night before the big feast today. After expecting the service to go for at most an hour, and it actually going for quite over two hours, I was extremely irritated for that unanticipated extra hour and a bit that seemed to go on forever.

I'm not really sure what could be causing it, but I hope it goes away soon; I don't like being unenergetic grumpyish person.

I should have at least some relief tomorrow, as it's a public holiday here in Brisbane for the annual Ekka (the local 'Exhibition' carnival). It couldn't have come at a better time.

5 thoughts on “Blogging & Drained”

  1. Andrew: you did have a day off! plus you've only been working for a week 😉

    Mel: lol! Sometimes I do feel like a grumpy old man! Today I had off for the public holiday, and last Wednesday I had off sick too.

    I think my body might be having an extended battle with one of the bugs that are usually going around at this time of year.

    Usually my body wins, I hardly ever get sick

  2. oh, fyi - the grapevine tells me that the matins and Divine Liturgy at Panagia the next day went from 7:30 to 11:30. for the folks at home, a sunday service is usually 7:30 to 10:30.
    talk about the morning after the night before...


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