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300 Entries!

This entries marks the 300th one since I started this blog over 2 years ago! *streamers and other party stuff flying everywhere* On average, that makes it roughly one entry every 2.47 days (although of late it has been far from that frequent).

Of course we have been very very busy. As we approach the 30 day mark to the wedding, things have have started to intensify. The unit is coming into shape (which is very satisfying), and the last two weekends have been spent shopping for various things to fill it: lounges, dinner tables, washing machine, fridge, etc etc. If it wasn't for the very kind generosity of the people around us, we would have an even bigger hole in our bank accounts that we already have at the moment.

Added to that a few unforeseen stresses, things have all-of-a-sudden but not unexpectedly gotten hectic. But it's all part of the fun, and of course it's all worth it.

The other night I attempted to back up my data onto a DVD-RW with a lot of a hassles. I have wanted to implement a backup regime where I would do weekly backups onto a mobile external hard-disk (namely the iPod), and then do more permanent backups onto a DVD every quarter.

Because I can't foresee me wanting to go back data older than 1 year, I thought it would be a good idea to save some money (and piles of disks) and do those quarterly backups onto re-writeable DVDs and then re-write over the respective quarter's DVD each year.

What I expected to be a quick 20 minute burn ended up being almost 2 hours of frustration, as burning the disk threw errors: sometimes before the burn, and sometimes when finalising the disk. After I had turned the verification of the data setting off before and after the burn did the writing finally complete successfully.

My hunch was that because I had exceeded the maximum directory depth level in some of the files I was burning, the verification would chuck a spak and stuff up the burning (although this has never been a problem before burning onto CDs, CD-RWs, and DVD-Rs).

I seem to be able to access the files off the disk fine so i'm not too worried.

I went to indoor football today, but only as a spectator (see the last entry why). I really hate watching though, and not because we seem to be loing every game, but mainly because I really enjoy playing. It was bad enough not being able to play while I had my broken foot (but that was pretty much understandable), but not being able to play when i'm pretty much physically great (except for my fitness) is even worse.

Only a couple more weeks and i'll be back into it.

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