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Changing Avatars

There comes a time in a geek's life, where one must make a few changes. Sure, things could remain the same, but deep down one knows that one must move on.

In this I am referring to my seldom-used avatar, the image next to my name that is displayed on all forum and bulletin board posts, instant message clients and alike.

Lucas old AvatarMy existing avatar (shown right) was the 'South Park Lucas' character that has featured in many of the intros that i once developed, and has served me well for almost 2 years.

Unfortunately among other things, my rapidly declining hairline will soon make SP Lucas nothing more than a lie; a deceptive travesty that in itself will only somewhat elude to former a coiffure of glory, and misrepresent what really sits behind a computer screen cloaked through all the ones and zeros floating around through wires and machinery that we call 'the internet'.

Yes, change is inevitable, but it is not always endeared nor close to being ubiquitously welcomed.

Thus out of the approaching ashes that the SP Lucas avatar seems irrecoverably consigned to be destined for, a new avatar must emerge, like a glorious phoenix arising out of the proverbial ashes, in order to take its necessary position.

Consequently, i place before you the new avatar, without rank or name and meticulously chosen out of a list of contenders, which will be displayed proudly, even if somewhat less so than its predecessor, as my new internet effigy.

New Avatar

As a note, most of this entry was written with a lot of fun using a thesaurus and a whole load of crap pulled from places better off not mentioned. hehe

6 thoughts on “Changing Avatars”

  1. As mentioned in the post (somewhat extravagantly), my approaching baldness has made the change inevitable (for obvious reasons), so i'd though I'd change it sooner rather than later.

    re the intro request, although i'd love to do a new one (gosh it's been almost 2 years since the last one now) i really do not have the time. But you never know, I might surprise you... 😉

  2. sorry, i should learn to read first.

    I wanted something cool, and I wanted something unique (ie not a movie/comic character that everybody has as an avatar), and also something blue-centric.

    There were a lot to choose from, but I narrowed it shown to five. From that 5, with Despina's help, we both agreed the the chosen one was most 'me'.

    If I were to pathetically describe it into words (like some cheap car/phone ad): graceful but slick, smooth yet sharp, the image just exudes... Lucasness.

    lol i am so lame


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