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2009: Year In Review

For me, 2009 went way too quick. Overall, it was also a largely disappointing year on many fronts. Some things that contributed to this I can and have gone into on this blog, others I couldn't and hadn't.

Anywho, here's the highlights of the year in blog entries:


- Half a Decade of Blogging & Rethinking the Whole Thing: 5 year birthday of this blog, and comment stats.
- DRM Walls Crumbling Down & Sickness: I think this will be a significant event in digital content distribution as history goes on.


- Crap Week: A highlight (or lowlight) that'll be remembered by me as a downer for this year
- Gaming the Worries Away: Goof old gaming goodness to blast the worries away.


- Wedding: Power Rangers Style: I don't think the picture in this entry quite became the viral internet sensation i was hoping it would.
- Internet Censorship Blacklists & IE8 Released: One of many entries about my opposition to the Aus Govt internet filtering scheme.
- New Blog Feature: Follow-Up Comment Notifications: My blog coding project for the year.


- Hosting Change: Welcome to Cove: Finally made the change to more reliable and better Australian-based hosting.
- Easter 2009 & Awesome Surreal Game: Always a highlight, and one of the most memorable indoor games of the year too.
- New Mobile: Nokia 6600 Slide & Bring it on Soul: Yay, new phone! (it's still going strong).


- Windows 7 Release Candidate: My almost traditional preview of the then upcoming version of Windows 7.
- End of Youth: The Hair is Gone: Probably one of the most deflating events of the year.


- Planetarium & Australia to the World Cup!: Two memorable occurrences.


- Geek News: Gmail Finally Out of Beta & Google OS: Big geek news this year.
- Victory! Soul Communications Coughs Up: My second victory against the worst telco imaginable.
- Marvel At My Prophecy: SWTFU Now Coming to PC: Apparently I have the gift of prophecy.


- Suspending Reality: Entertaining Visitors: A very enjoyable weekend.


- Loving the Baseball & Ways to Fight Video Game Piracy: A semi-rant on game piracy.
- Uncle-ised Part 4 & Back Troubles: Being an uncle again.


- Windows 7 Released & Having a go at ADSL: This is actually my 700th blog entry


- ADSL2+ (finally): The change of internet connection
- Preparing for Disappointments: MW2 on PC: A good rant on the console-isation of PC games.
- Time Travelling & L4D2: More ranting, this time again on the lack of an R18+ classification
for games.


- Goodbye Kleo, You Will Be Missed: A very sad time of the year for our family 🙁
- It's Time People: Join the Revolution... sort of: A call to arms on games classification in Australia.
- Christmas 2009: Christmas!
- The Best and Worst of 2009: This critic's review of the year

So that's it for 2009. I'll honestly be glad to see this year gone, so here's hoping for a better 2010.

3 thoughts on “2009: Year In Review”

  1. Agreed. you can have my hair and I'll have your health. 😛

    I can see what you mean by the lack of comments on your blog. Maybe the rising of facebook has something to do with that? I always read your blogs when it's posted on facebook (which I have no idea how you do that by the way)

  2. Maybe, but only recently. Before the latest Facebook update, the 'Notes' that were automatically created in Facebook off this blog had the option to disable Facebook comments, and in my RSS feed I have a link for people to come back to this site to log a comment.

    With the last few blog entries i've noticed people commenting on the entries within Facebook, as fb has removed the 'no comments' option on imported 'Notes'.

    I've since disabled the automatic Facebook import of my blog entries, because i'd really rather people make comments here than on Facebook.


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