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Victory! Soul Communications Coughs Up

Regular readers might recall my situation of leaving my previous mobile phone company (Soul/TPG) and expecting incorrect 'early termination' fees for a phone contract that I had actually served out.

Well since that previous post, they did in fact charge me those fees, and I ended up having to go back to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) to make yet another complaint about the incompetent idiots.

After months of posturing and back-and-forths between me, the TIO, and Soul, today I received a full refund of the charges in question (about $120 worth). Take that you lying *insert expletives here*.

In the end it wasn't about the money for me. I didn't care if I got a cent back from them, but if I managed to waste $120 worth of somebody's time at Soul in dealing with the TIO complaint, then I would have been happy. So it feels like a double win for me.

Throughout the last year with Soul (which has included two TIO complaints from us), it is clear to me that their policy is to not refund any money back to the customer no matter how obvious the situation or error on their part may be. Seemingly, in order to get a refund on money inappropriately taken, one must go and make an official complaint to the TIO in order for them to even look at it seriously.

Do yourselves a favour and stay away from this pathetic excuse for a company. The ghost of B Digital's formerly excellent customer service must be spinning in it's shallow grave.

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