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Gaming the Worries Away

House of the Dead: Overkill Bang Bang BoxAfter the previous entry, I have cheered up a bit. Much of that has to do with me getting two games which has proved a very welcome distraction from unnecessary thinking and worrying.

Firstly, one game that I have been very looking forward to over the past week was released: House of the Dead: Overkill. Many people have been waiting a long time for some adult-targeted games to come out on the Wii in the midst of all the crap games that have been released for the console.

As an aside: my status update on Facebook that read "Lucas is looking forward to some adult-oriented games coming out this week on the Wii. Finally." attracted 12 responses, which I was pretty surprised at!

HOTD: Overkill is awesomely adult fun. It's styled after over-the-top grindhouse-style B-movies. This game definitely does not have kids in mind: there is tonnes of gratuitous violence, more than enough gratuitous swearing (barely a sentence goes by without at least one wonderfully uncensored f-bomb) and sexual references, and is just plain awesomely fun. It definitely comes recommended (especially the bargain that is the collector's edition with the two 'hand-cannon' gun shells for the wiimote (pictured). Very recommended if you like rail-shooters, and also if you like fun. 😉

The other game i bought i'm almost slightly ashamed to admit. After watching a video from a post by Michael of an awesome Asian kid playing guitar, i actually really felt like playing the guitar.

However, knowing that I have no musical skill whatsoever, I bought the next best thing that a geek can get to feel like he/she is playing a guitar. That's right, I bought Guitar Hero.

I bought Guitar Hero: World Tour on the PS3, and have been virtually rocking it out between sessions of HOTD. So I have in at least one way joined the conformist gaming general public. But there is no way in heck that I am ever playing The Sims or World of Warcraft.

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