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Windows 7 Released & Having a go at ADSL

Windows 7The big geek news of the past week was the general retail release of Windows 7. I haven't had too much more of a play with it since I used the Release Candidate back in May, but I hope to have a bit more in-depth look at it soon.

That said, i'm not planning on upgrading my current computer to the new operating system. I plan on building Trogdor's successor in February near my birthday, and i'll definitely be getting 7 on that. It's going to be hard resisting doing it sooner, new toys are always fun...

Moving on; i'm currently in the middle of a process of getting ADSL connected here. I've always had cable internet here in the unit, but the value for money with Telstra for internet is... well, shocking to say the least. Also, the low upload speeds are starting to kill me. Other than that, i really love the performance and stability of the cable.

I'm giving ADSL a go here at the unit just to see what the quality of it is like here. We're not that far from the exchange, so theoretically I should get decent speeds. I've signed up to a no-contract Naked ADSL connection with Netspace (they provided the easiest connection process with decent prices), and i'm actually sitting here at home now waiting for a second tech visit to connect it up. The early signs aren't good though: my noise margin is well below 6dB and the attenuation is through the roof at 52.8dB. Those aren't values that you'd expect from a stable service to say the least, but we'll have to see...

2 thoughts on “Windows 7 Released & Having a go at ADSL”

  1. how did you gwet those figures? i have adsl2 and have had it since well i dont remember but it would have been the week it was availible i get 700KB/s down and 50 up my friend on the same node and closer gets up to 1100 its insanely fast

  2. From my modem.

    I couldn't even get authenticated over the line; Netspace ran some line tests and the results were 'wacky'. They reckon my line is screwed, and have lodged a fault with Telstra to investigate...


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