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Uncle-ised Part 4 & BackTroubles

The big news of the past week is the arrival of my brother's baby daughter. It's the first child from my side of the family (despite Despina having three nephews on her side), so that means my parents are now grandparents! A big public congrats to my brother and his wife.

There was no Futsal on Friday night, so we went and saw the baby at the hospital. Saturday I wasn't feeling fantastic and spent most of the day lazing around trying to rest. Felt a bit better on Sunday to go and play our indoor game, which was probably one of the worst games i've played in years, both in terms of performance and the game overall.

In the second half I threw out my back whilst goal-keeping. It was a stupidly unnecessary sideways-twist whilst making a high save that did it, and because we were playing with one fill-in already, it meant I couldn't go off either. I played through the game, but we lost convincingly.

Most on our team are also getting really annoyed at the quality of the reffing at that place. Peter was so annoyed he got sent off for going off at the referee yesterday (which was pretty unacceptable no matter the circumstances). It's not like we're a new team, we've been playing there for the better part of the past 5 years, so we know what to expect from the game and the officials. It's looking really doubtful that we will play another season there after this one. Hopefully we'll move to a another futsal-based centre instead.

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