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Marvel At My Prophecy: SWTFU Now Coming to PC

Force Unleashed now on PC?!Just under a year ago I wrote this blog entry about my rage at LucasArts for not releasing Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on the PC, whilst releasing it on every other current and past platform known to mankind. In that article I said this:

Don't be surprised if in 12 months down the track, after they've made all their initial release and hype money off the console versions, they will release a PC version of the game to try to squeeze what they can out of the PC market at that time.

Turns out I was 100% correct. This week at Comic-Con LucasArts announced they would be releasing an "Ultimate Sith Edition" of the game, and also releasing it on - you betcha - the PC.

Of course there were no mentions about how fantasticly barely 12 months later they no longer have any worries about gamers having a "watered-down experience" on the PC. No, that piss-weak excuse doesn't matter anymore now that there is more money to be made from flogging a 12-month old game into a previously unexploited market, especially since all their first-release hype money has largely been cashed in relatively piracy-free on the consoles.

Although it still looks like a good game, I'm not sure if I can bring myself to hand over money to reward this quite abhorrent commercial publishing behaviour.

Moving on: for the past few days i've been limping around after kicking a particularly large man's foot at indoor on Sunday. Here's hoping that it'll be fine for this weekend's games.

In geek news, Windows 7 went RTM (Release To Manufacturing) in the past week, which means it's been signed off on and is sent to manufacturing and distribution. We should see it in stores in October.

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