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New Blog Feature: Follow-Up Comment Notifications

In the last entry I signalled my intention to add the functionality to this blog to allow commenters to be notified via email of follow-up comments on a particular entry.

Yesterday and this morning i've spent about five hours implementing this functionality on this blog. I know it's kind of ironic me spending a fair amount of time implementing this considering the comment statistics mentioned recently in this entry, but I half-enjoy doing this type of stuff and it keeps my PHP skills up, so i think it's time mostly-well spent.

I'd like to find some real world guinea-pigs, so anyone that wants to give the new functionality a shot, just go ahead and post a comment, making sure you enter a valid email address and that you tick the box.

Bug Number 1: hmmm, apparently the PHP mail function won't work for Google Apps Gmail accounts that I actually host the domain of which on this hosting account. So that means that at the moment you can't use the email addresses from (Andrew), (my family), or for this service.

Google have a suggestion to get around it, but since my host's forums are down again, and as i'm intending to switch hosts soon, i might leave that one till after the big move. (no longer an issue since the move to the new host)

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