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It’s Time People: Join the Revolution… sort of

Pacman eating AtkinsonOk people, you know that i'm a fierce proponent of finally introducing an R18+ rating classification for video games in this country.

Well other than writing to various attorneys-general and MPs about this issue, the time has come for people on-mass to voice their opinion!

Today the federal Attorney-General's office has finally released a public discussion paper on the issue and opened it up for public consultation. They have provided a consultation submittal template for people to fill in and send back to them before February 28 to gauge public opinion on this.

Now is our chance guys. A way to officially let the government know in a quantifiable way the opinion and support of the majority of people in this country for the introduction of an R18+ classification for video games. I won't bore you again about why we need need this, i've presented the reasons many times before here on this blog.

Let's give them another stick to wield against that stubborn, out-of-touch, geriatric Attorney-General from South Australia Michael Atkinson.

Spread the word and tell everyone that you know, lets flood the AG office with our submissions and let them know we take this issue seriously. This is democracy at work people, get into it.

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