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Christmas 2009

It was a pretty standard Christmas this year, except for a few things. The Christmas service that we attended was held on Christmas Eve and fully in English, which was a welcome change. The sermon was interesting and somewhat entertaining: Fr. D used Avatar analogies in comparing Jesus to Sam Worthington's avatar in the movie: being both fully human and fully Na'vi (Jesus being both fully God and fully human).

We did the usual rounds of four different relatives' stops throughout the day itself, which was made slightly easier by not having to fit in Church in the morning.

I got a lot of gift-cards for Christmas, which is good, but also very different in that I haven't really gotten many 'tangible' gifts from the day! Plus i don't really have anything on my mind in terms of what to get with them at the moment. I guess i'll wait things out, something's bound to come along 🙂

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