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Wedding: Power Rangers Style

On the weekend we went to the wedding of Michael and Shelley. It was a really great wedding, it was lots of fun and of course i'm very happy for them.

However, probably the most weirdest thing out of all the weddings i've been to happened after the ceremony on Saturday.

As they were in the Church courtyard taking photos with family and such, three guys dressed up in Power Rangers costumes showed up for an apparent photo-op, and below was the hilarious results.

Wedding and Power Rangers, WTF?

Hilarious! I added the 'WTF?' myself, mainly in the hope that it might become one of those viral-internet-sensation things. Spread the word ;).

Nothing much else has happened recently. I did end up getting the fourth (and maybe final?) straight-to-DVD Futurama movie, Into the Wild Green Yonder. It was pretty good without being great, but after the four movies I definitely hope that more will be made. I'm cautiously optimistic that these DVDs sold pretty well in order for there to be at least a few more movies, but as it stands at the moment Into the Wild Green Yonder is the series finale.

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