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End of Youth: The Hair is Gone

My haircutIt's been coming for a while, and with the help of the wife this weekend, I finally manned-up and made the decision that needed to be done: yesterday I had most of my hair cut off (see right).

It was basically forced upon me by my increasingly obvious hair-loss that has been happening over the past 4 or so years, and I still think it's criminal and unjust that for a man in his mid-twenties it had come to this. My father lost his hair in his late-30s/early-40s (fair enough), but at least my brother is pretty much in the same boat as me.

As I keep getting told "it's only vanity", and to an extent that is true (I am happily married), but it still sucks to happen.

So I guess this is as good as any as a marker for the end of my youth. The biggest plus is that I no longer have to style my hair on a daily basis, but the negative (other than the obvious look-wise) is how often it'll need to be cut/trimmed to make it look presentable.

We played indoor tonight, in what was a bye game and got absolutely hammered 12-1 by the fill-in team. It's been a long time since we've gotten beat like that. It was, to put it street-correctly, totally whack.

We were pretty terrible, and they finished nearly all of there chances. We're really punching above our weight in the division we're in, which sucks but I guess it's fair because for many years we were always amongst the top four teams in the divisions we played in, so I guess it's our turn to fill the bottom half of the table for a while.

8 thoughts on “End of Youth: The Hair is Gone”

  1. You have wonderful eyes and a beautiful smile (and you must not forget your passionate heart) and that is what stands out the most not the style of your hair.

  2. to be honest, I think you look better with it short! The beard makes the whole image of short/no hair work on you. Very Vin Diesel-esque.

  3. Let your hair grow into a ponytail, get a Harley, strap Despina to the back seat,and enjoy the ride!No-one will know what is under the helmet!

  4. lucas you do know that losing your hair is a sign of how masculine you means you have more testosterone in your should be proudd =)

  5. hehe yeah true, i'm wearing hats everywhere now! It's actually a little liberating: no more time spent styling, and now I can wear all the headware i want without fear of messing up the style!


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