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Hosting Change: Welcome to Cove

Cove carbon-neutral hostingIf you're seeing this entry, it means that the DNS changes have propagated and you're now seeing this website on my new host.

After all the talk recently and over the years, i've finally moved my hosting account. It wasn't an easy decision, as I had been with my previous host, Solid Internet, for over five years. But recent continuous server issues and general customer service quality dissatisfaction meant that i went to look elsewhere.

After shopping around I eventually settled on choosing Cove, a relatively new company started by some not-so-new people in the hosting business. The fact that I could move my sites to good Australian server and still keep the annual bill under $100 meant that it was an easy-ish decision.

I'm actually surprised by how quick and responsive the server is, I think all the Australian readers will appreciate the better performance (apologies to the US people!).

The migration process wasn't easy, as I had to do the whole thing manually because Solid Internet couldn't give me a full cPanel backup as they are now using a third party backup solution. So it's taken me many hours, and after encountering many problems I think all the sites are now across ok.

Other than performance, another bonus is the comment subscription bug mentioned at the bottom of the last entry doesn't exist, which is really good. Also, this new hosting account is carbon-neutral as i'm paying a small carbon-offset charge for my account.

Let me know what you think, and definitely let me know if you notice any bugs/errors.

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