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Crap Week

The past seven days have been generally a very testing one for myself personally. Again to be mysterious (and retaining at least some privacy), I can't mention much of the details here, but overall it's mainly down to some big disappointments.

Although at times it has felt a little overwhelming, after a bit of time I have managed to find a bit of perspective, and that has been made a lot easier to do by seeing all the terrible things many other people are having to cope with around the country in recent times. My disappointments and issues aren't worthy of even be mentioned in the same breath.

Amongst all that, there have been some blogable things. On Friday night a few of us went to the Queensland Roar game which saw them make it to the Preliminary Final. It was a good game, and hopefully they can make the final. It's great being able to go to a football 'league' game in this country and be part of a crowd of over 20,000 people. Just 5 years ago that would have been a dream.

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