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Suspending Reality: Entertaining Visitors

I've had one of the most busiest, but also one of the most enjoyable weekends I've had in a long long time. Most of the weekend was taken up by catching up with a friend from the USA which I met at UQ six years ago, who very awesomely made a side trip up to Brisbane to visit us whilst she was in the country on business.

It was just the reality suspension I needed after a tough week and-a-bit. The visit was also well-timed with a winter heat-wave. We're in the middle month of winter here in the southern hemisphere, and at the moment we're experiencing summer-like 30+ degree days. Today was an all-time record high for August at 35.3C. Not happy Jan, bring back the cold!

On Friday we went back to UQ, and we both used the word 'surreal' to describe being back there at the same time after six years. A lot had changed, but a lot was still the same. The Red Room has been changed not only in appearance but also in name (now "the 2nd degree"), amongst other big changes.

That night me and Des played fustal (with a sizable cheer squad I might add!), going down by a few goals in what was a very tight game. It was our first defeat of the competition.

On Saturday we went down the coast to soak up the summer-in-August sunshine. It wasn't as busy as I was expecting it, but it was enjoyable to get onto the sand for a change. We also went up to the observation deck of Q1, which i've never done before.

That night we made a brief stop at the fund-raising event for Paradise Kids 4 Africa (please donate if you can!), and then went for some garlic and onion infused delicacies at Lefkas. The next morning, despite multiple toothbrushings, I was still tasting the aforementioned flavours as we took our visitor to the airport.

So it was back to work today after the brief, but awesome, pause from reality πŸ™

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  1. Lucas Sucks

    Hi Lucas,
    As you were slack and had Friday off which was my last day working with you, I thought I would give you something to remember me by!! LOL so did you like the art work on your desk, screens and phone. Don’t work to hard (as if) later for now.


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