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Transforming Tablets

Asus Transformer PadLast week I gave in to the tablet culture and got one.

I've been increasingly using my phone to access the internet whilst watching TV for various live social and sporting events: recently I've been posting on Whirlpool while watching live Euro 2012 matches, and also used SBS's great social media effort for this year's Eurovision.

In my opinion this is where tablets or iPads really shine: as a couch-based internet access device. Where laptops are too clunky and cumbersome, and phones too small and finicky, a tablet is the perfect tool for quick internet or social media access … Read more → Overhaul & Welcome to WordPress

Well I finally did it. Goodbye old site (pictured).

After mulling over whether or not to convert my trusty old blog to the WordPress platform for years, and recently actually thinking seriously about doing it, over the past few weeks I've spent a lot of time actually getting it done. It was about as painful as I expected it to be, which was unsurprisingly quite very.

Other than the drastic improvement in look,  the regulars will notice a lot of changes as I've simplified the whole site down to its core. Gone are the Gallery, Intros, GamesRead more →

Geek Parties & Eurovision

Me dressed up with a lightsaberThis entry is a little belated, but still fun to make nonetheless.

Last week was one of my cousins 21st birthday party, and very awesomely, the theme for the party was cocktail dress but with a geek-themed accessory. Some people went full-on costume, but I went for a classy vest-with-lightsaber look. I didn't take on of my top-of-the-line Master Replica lightsabers, but opted for the safer option of one of the plastic ones. Yes, I know it's sad that I have many different lightsabers to choose from :P.

Secretly underneath the vest I was also wearing my Star Wars: Episode Read more →

To WordPress Or Not To WordPress?

It's been many a year since I last did a redesign of this site, and even then it was really only some minor-ish changes from when I first began this blog in 2004. As the web has moved forward in the past 8+ years, the layout and structure of this blog has largely remained the same.

Although (in my opinion), this site doesn't look 'bad', I wouldn't really say that it is that 'good' either. So i'm planning on bringing a whole new look to this site.

However, what I must first decide on is what to do with … Read more →

NBN Rollout Announced & Giving DD-WRT a try

As fate would have it, there are two loosely related things to blog about today.

NBN MapFirstly, in the past week NBN Co. has announced it's schedule for stage one of the wide-scale rollout of connecting areas. I was of course clamouring to see whether I could expect fibre-based internet within the foreseeable future. Luckily for us, our area is included in this three-year plan, and is due to "commence work in your area from Jun 2014 in phases with last work scheduled to commence in Jun 2015".

The news could be better (Ipswich and north-eastern Brisbane start getting … Read more →

Modern Borefare 3

Modern Warfare 3I've finally started to catch up on the gaming season releases, and the first that arrived in the mail: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. After being largely disappointed with Modern Warfare 2, I wasn't really expecting much at all from the latest in the series.

After playing through the game over the past week or so, I wasn't at all surprised that it didn't exceed those expectations.

The game isn't "bad" per se, but it isn't all that good either. It really is just more of the same continued on from MW2. The graphics are mostly identical … Read more →

Windows 8 Beta: Upcoming MS Disaster

As I've done with Windows 7 and Vista previously, I like to get my hands on the public betas or release candidates of upcoming Windows releases to have a bit of a play.

Right now I'm having a play of Windows 8, and to be frank I'm still trying to comprehend what's sitting in front of me. Some would say this beta is a revolution in Windows interface design, others would say it's a catastrophe. I'm more inclined to the latter. But before I get into it, here's the obligatory screenshots.

Win 8 logon screen Win 8 Start Screen Win 8 task manager

With Windows 8, Microsoft is attempting to develop an … Read more →

Remotes & MMORPGs

Logitech Harmony 650 remoteWe're still currently settling into the new house. Most things have found a place, but there's always those annoying items that you use, but not nearly often enough, that you can't throw away but have got to find a place for that is out of the way but still accessible for when you do on the odd occasion need it.

Anywho, one geeky thing that I have picked up recently is a new Logitech Harmony remote (I got the 650). Now that we have a AV receiver in addition to the TV, PS3, and WDTV, this remote is the best … Read more →

Moving In

Well we've finally done it: on Monday last week we began the process of moving into our house. The move has definitely been easier because we are moving the majority of our stuff from the house next door, but I really despise moving nevertheless. The intention is that we won't have to do this again for quite some time :).

The first few nights were a bit strange, but it really is already starting to feel like home. There is still a lot for us to do before everything will have settled down, but most of the important stuff is … Read more →

3D Star Wars, House Finishing, Ordinations

Lots of big events this week!

The first big one was a Star Wars movie back in theatres and in 3D no less. Yes, I know it was 'only' Episode I, and how much that is the worst Star Wars movie (no arguments there), but I still nevertheless enjoyed it. I'll never pass up an opportunity to see a Star Wars movie in the cinemas, and this was no exception.

Although the 3D projectors at the cinema I was watching it in I don't think were aligned properly (it was a little out of focus in 3D), it was definitely … Read more →