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Getting Into Podcasts

Pocket CastsAfter starting a job in the city, and now for the first time having to travel to Brisbane's bastion of capitalism on public transport, I have had to find ways to fill in the time whilst being on the train.

Reading on the train is not an option for me; for some reason, when I read on transport (cars, trains, etc.), I develop headaches, so I usually limit my reading to checking a few emails or briefly catching up on news.  For the first few months of the commute, I have been listening to my music library on my phone, and that has recently started to wear a bit thin.

So I decided to try podcasts to fill in the time. Yes, I know that I'm about eight years too late to the podcast party, but prior to now I have not really had the need or opportunity to listen/watch podcasts.

I have to say that so far I am really enjoying it. I have subscribed to a few podcasts that have caught my eye, the foremost being the excellent local ABC tech podcast Download This Show, as well as the thoroughly interesting Stuff You Missed in History Class. Added to that some general tech news podcasts from The Guardian, CNET, and The Verge, as well as a few others, and it has my public transport time covered.

The podcast app that I am using on my phone is Pocket Casts. At the cost of $3.99, it is the most expensive app I've ever purchased, but the decision was an easy one as it is made by the same Australian developer of the fantastic Pocket Weather, which I already use.

Pocket Casts is really well implemented, but by far the best feature (other than its very well-polished interface), is the ability to sync between devices. It means that I can start listening to something on my phone whilst on the train, and then pick up right where I left off on the tablet at home (and vice-versa).

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