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Demos & Power Supplies

UT DarkWalkerAnother post of geekery.

Continuing on from the last entry on upcoming games, in the past few days there were two demo releases for two of the biggest release to happen in the next few months.

Firstly was the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare demo, which i had an absolutely torrid time trying to download off the Bigpond servers. Tipping the scales at 1.4GB for a demo, the download always got up to about 600MB and then stopped. After about 10 tries it did eventually come down, and now i've got about 12GB of unmetered usage racked up against my account for one day (lucky it's unmetered because that's my normal quota for the whole month!).

I wasn't too impressed by the demo: this is the first CoD that's not set in World War II, and i've got to say that i don't really like the 'modern warfare' setting. I don't really feel comfortable acting as American troops shooting middle-eastern extremists trying to kill you. Too close to current reality for me. Other than that, it felt like normal CoD, except new guns and new skins. I don't think i'll be getting this game.

Next up was the demo for Unreal Tournament 3, and this demo is absolutely amazing. It had all the UT feel, but with much better graphics, and in my opinion, improved gameplay. Hopping in and using one of those DarkWalker vehicles (pictured) for the first time won't be forgotten any time soon. I can't wait to get this game, especially for LAN Parties (which i haven't been to one in ages.

Another thing that i did yesterday was take Trogdor's power supply back to the store to be replaced. In the past few months the PSU has been making weird squeaking and buzzing noises, especially as it's gotten hotter. It's a premium PSU that's marketed as a 'quite' power supply, which is also one of the reasons why i bought it, so yesterday I had enough and decided to return it.

Getting it out of the case was a nightmare: there was no way to do it without taking off the CPU cooler, which i didn't really want to because it meant that i would have to re-apply the thermal paste between the CPU and heatsink. After trying every other possible way to take it out, i had to do it anyway.

A quick trip to umart and back and I had a new replacement PSU. I couldn't really be bothered cleaning off the old thermal paste off the processor, as i still had some left of the same stuff so i just put some more on. Not the best practice, but i really couldn't be bothered. My stress testing afterwards indicate that it's fine (*crosses fingers*).

Now back to the UT3 demo... 😀

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