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Getting Ready for the Next Build

It's been the longest time between computer builds for me at the moment. I originally built The Cannon back in January 2010, so it is coming up to 4 years that it's been in service. It has definitely survived the test of time, although I have given it some substantial upgrades of the past year which has helped keep it going strong past the customary three-year expiry of computing products.

But alas, all good things must come to a replacement, so over the past few weeks I have specced out a new computer, and am eagerly awaiting for the final parts to arrive in the mail. I plan on keeping the graphics card from the last upgrade in March, which will definitely help in keeping the budget down, but that's mainly because the card is still a great performer compared to the products available today, but it might see an upgrade in 2014 once the next generation of GPUs come out.

I am looking forward to doing the build this long weekend, although I am still to decide on a name...

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