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For the past few days i've been pretty sick. Its some kind of flu thing thats just blocking up my sinuses really bad, and has me blowing copious amounts of liquid out of my face pretty regularly.

Kept me out of action for the past few days and probably at keast a few more. Hopefully i'll be ok by the start of uni becuase i hate going to uni sick, and i don't want to miss the first week. … Read more →

41.7 C : Hot hot hot

Yesterday, the temperature got up to almost 42C, which aparently is the hottest February day Brisbane has ever had, eclipsing the previous highest temperature set in 1925. Went to the early movies and saw Mona Lisa Smile which finished at 12ish, only to remember that we had parked the car in the sun.

To call it an oven was an understatement. One of the little plastic compartments came out with barely a touch because the heat had softened the plastic pretty bad.

The countdown to uni continues with the semester starting in a week. 🙁
I have just finished my … Read more →

Compulsory Unionism

Yesterday the UQ Union stuff arrived in the mail which included all the usual garbage.

For all those not familiar with UQ and the the Union, here's some background info for this blog: All UQ students are also by default members of the UQ Union, and pay a semesterly 'Student Services Charge' (now $136) of which most (if not all) goes to the Union. As stated in this years send-out, the constitutional ethos of the union is "service, support, representation".

Sound ok doesn't it?


What i haven't meantioned so far is that the Union is mainly comprised of Socialists, … Read more →

Pineapple on Pizza

Tonight after seeing Stuck on You (which i thoroughly enjoyed, i love the Farrelly Brothers...) with Despina, we went and got a pizza: the usual half BBQ Meatlovers and half Super Supreme. After we started eating i quickly got into my usual ravings on the topic of pineapple on pizza.

I am staunch opposer to pineapple on pizza, and anyone who has eaten a pizza with me would have heard this argument at leat once. I mean, c'mon, what moron decided one day to put pineapple on a pizza?? A pizza is generally regarded as a savoury meal: its got … Read more →

Hallmark Promotional Day (2 days ago)

Just got back from work, which of course was accompanied by the usual shananigans (please excuse any misspelling). On Saturday it was Valentine's Day, which some people (including me and Despina) refer to as Hallmark Promotional Day. Other than that, yeah, not much to write about off the top of my head.… Read more →


I have finally gotten off my lazy behind and been bothered to enrol for uni this year. The courses that I have chosen are:

COMP3804 - Advanced Inf. Tech. Project (a year long course)
INFS3100 - Introduction to Information Science
HIST2100 - The Rise of Modern China
HIST2702 - The City in History

I am resuming my history major this semester, after completing my Peace and Conflict Studies major last year.

My timetable for this semester really isn't that bad (compared to previous semesters which included 9 to 6's with 4 hours break in the middle, yeesh!!). Assuming that i … Read more →

THE Goal

Last night i scored probably one of my best ever goals i've ever scored in futsal. We were playing Kafeneon (the fiery greeks) in what was agreed between the two teams to be a play-off for third place. After we had scored our first goal, they kicked off, and the ball came loose. I saw an opening and let rip from just after half-way. The ball curled out and up and ended up in the top right corner of the goal. I doubt i have scored any finer. We ended up losing the game after leading at half time (in … Read more →

My party

Last night I had my birthday party. Special thanks to everyone who came. It was a quite an enjoyable night with various 'interesting' occurances.

Photos here. (go through occasions etc)
In consideration for peoples privacy, you will need a username and password to see the parties photos, which should have been emailed to all friends and aquaintences. If you didn't get it, please email me and i'll send it to you.

I think the photos pretty much speak for themselves, so I'll keep this blog entry short. Enjoy!… Read more →

Happy Birthday To Me

Well today is my birthday. If i've done the maths right today i turn 21. Twenty one years ago at three minutes to twelve in the morning i came into this world. Yay. Nothing much planned for today, after all it is just another day!… Read more →

[Insert title here]

Played in the finals of futsal last night, and we went down 7-5 in the semis. They blitzed us 5-1 in the first half which ended up being our downfall, becuase we won the second half 4-2. We got it back to 6-5, but another goal killed us off. We brought along the digital camera in the hopes of taking some photos to put up on the site, but the battery went dead half way through the match.

Went bowling yesterday with Despina and my cousin up from Sydney, and did pretty crap. i Think i got an eighty-something and … Read more →