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Back to Work

Today i start work on my COMP3804 stuff. I'll have a lazy start by just downloading and installing MS Visual Studio.NET and really just planning what I need to get done.

Other than that, tonight i will be going to another lecture, this one at St. Paul's Antiochian Orthodox Church at Wooloongabba on 'The Antichrist'. Looks like i'll be skipping Greek school again.

On Saturday, everybody at Church went out for dinner/coffee after the Liturgy. I really enjoyed it and think we should do it more often. Too bad i didn't bring the camera. Would've had some good photos.

3 thoughts on “Back to Work”

  1. I thought it was quite good. It was good that he emphasised that the Antichrist is mainly a deceiver, and will pretend to be the Christ, not easily distinguishable from Christ Himself. Popular culture these days paints the Antichrist as an easily identifiable evil character.

  2. *nods*
    i was failing to get to sleep a few nights later, and thought of a five word summary for everything i got out of the entire talk.
    1. Read the Gospel!
    2. You idiots!



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