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Sore. Really really sore.

I am in pain. The whole day yesterday i spent at my Dad's work doing a lot of physical work. Thanks so much to Wil for coming and helping me out. We moved a lot of bricks into a skip, table-tops, filing cabinets, and all this up and down various flights of stairs. I now have a sudden appreciation of how Mark and Lloyd could do that 5 or 6 days a week. Muscles are sore that i didn't even know i had.

I am so not built to do anything with my hands (other than type).

On Tuesday I emailed both of my faculties (Arts for my Arts degree, and EPSA(Engineering, Physical Sciences and Architecture) for my IT degree) requesting a 'graduation check'. They basically check the courses that you have done and advise you on what else is needed for you to complete your degree.

Arts emailed me back within an hour, which really surprised me. I'm right on track with that degree, and have only 3 advanced level history courses left in order for me to complete my Arts degree.

EPSA still hasn't emailed me back. Wil said to me yesterday that another person waited almost 2 months for the BEL faculty to get back to him. Hopefully it won't take that long...

I'll be choosing my courses today, and arranging my timetable.

2 thoughts on “Sore. Really really sore.”

  1. you could, like, go in there in person and request a check...

    you remember, that time before the internet began invading each and every house? you had to do things in person? er, never mind.


  2. i'd rather sit here at home on my computer and complain than be bothered to get out of my house and interact with annoying human beings... lol

    Really: i don't really want to drive to St lucia unless i really have to. Plus EPSA refers you to absolute morons (i know from experience) that really don't have a clue. This way i get confirmation from hopefully a proper administrative officer, and i have written proof in the form of an email of the advice that i recieved.


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