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Installing RedHat

Just after i finish typing this entry i am going to install RedHat 9 on my laptop. I'm hoping i won't have to reinstall windows in the process. If you don't hear from me in a while you know why...

On the weekend i purchased some games. It really has been a long time (a year and a half really...) since i bought a game. I think i got a bargain: i went to EB at Carindale, and got Enter the Matrix and Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. A year ago both of those would be $200+, but on Saturday i got them both for a cool $34.70.

I don't know how i will find the time to play these games, but i'll try anyway.

4 thoughts on “Installing RedHat”

  1. Well, very very surprisingly there were no major hiccups! Redhat was installed fine, Windows XP is still alive, and everything seems to be working normally!

    I've only totally finished now (after starting at 10am), but i did have to manually set RedHat to display a 1680x1050 reolution (which involved messing with the /etc/X11/XF86Config file) and i mounted both the Windows partition and my USB drive. I also installed java.

    The internet is working fine on RedHat, and just for a little variety, i'm using FireFox as my browser. (as a side note, i love the icon/symbol for FireFox!!).

    The only minor hiccup was at the start, when Partition Magic wouldn't partition the drive because of a few errors on it, but it worked fine after booting and fixing them with chkdsk.

  2. well its the first one i'm playing, i don't mind it. Probably a bit too much like Jedi Outcast. The dual lightsaber thing is really cool though. (i've chosen 2 seperate lightsabers). Its so good to play a game, its been so long!!!! Well worth the $10 i paid for it. 🙂


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