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Terrible Reader Updates & NAS, Media Player Gadgetry

A few months ago I criticised Google's upcoming interface design for Gmail as being bland and not user friendly. It seems in the past week that in rolling out this design across all their products Google has taken the remodelling knife to my beloved Google Reader.

I've loved using Google Reader for over five years as my main web and RSS aggregator, but their recent update has really irked me. I was expecting the colour-washed interface (which is still terrible btw), but to the point of making link colours the same as normal text, terrible text-size scaling, and the … Read more β†’

Rant: Why Wash the Colours Away?

iTunes left menu interface comparison, new washed out version 10 colours on the left, the previous version on the rightIn terms of computer and application interfaces (either hardware or software) I'm pretty critical of a lot of 'fashion' or 'trendy' changes that have absolutely no practical improvement, and especially those that are in my opinion completely unpractical.

Years ago I criticised Apple's fashion of white that permeated to most other technology manufacturers and into society in general.

Now it seems there is a general shift to washing away colours from program interfaces. One thing we were taught in interface design at uni (although that was a while ago), is that in addition to logically and easily shaped and recognisable … Read more β†’

Go Back To Where You Came From

Aired over the past three nights on SBS was Go Back to Where You Came From, a series about some strong minded mostly anti-refugee and anti-boat-people Australians being exposed first-hand to the experiences a lot of refugees live and go through.

I'd strongly encourage anyone who didn't see it to watch the 3-episode series, which you can view on the SBS website here. Some would say that it's a 'one-sided' or 'bleeding heart' view of the refugee issue, but I would counter that by saying the majority of what we're shown in the Australian media, and especially politically, … Read more β†’

Nice Try Retailers, Maybe Stop Ripping Us Off?

Australian Piggy BankTime for my first rant of the year!

In the news recently, and highlighted today, are some of Australia's biggest retailers campaigning against the tax-free threshold for buying and importing goods online from overseas.

For the unaware: in Australia people can buy something from overseas and import it into the country, and providing the value of what you are importing is less than AUD$1000, you don't have to pay any GST (Goods and Services Tax) on the goods.

The big retailers argue that it is killing their businesses, and want a level playing field by either the Government taxing … Read more β†’