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Tron Legacy & Mass Effect

Today was the last day before I go back to work tomorrow, and i've taken advantage of the past few days to relax before the fun of migrating the entire office server infrastructure to a dedicated data centre begins.

Mass EffectI felt like playing through an RPG, and probably one of the biggest RPGs that I haven't touched at all in recent years has been the Mass Effect series. The first Mass Effect game was only $15 on Steam, so i finally decided to get it and see what all the fuss was about.

I just finished the game today, and I really loved it. I didn't do too many of the side missions in the game, but the central story was good, if a little clichΓ©. The presentation, voice-acting and general quality is still top-notch for a 3-year-old game. Bioware really are the masters of the RPG, and they've created a great sci-fi universe and setting here.

Again, this is one of those games/series that i've previously ignored and don't really know why. The whole sci-fi RPG thing is right down my alley of stuff I like. I can't wait to get onto Mass Effect 2, which has recently been winning a few of the Game of the Year awards for 2010.

Last night we went and saw Tron: Legacy at the movies in 3D. Visually it was really spectacular, I loved the simple lines and colours, and the Daft Punk-produced soundtrack suited the movie to a T. The light-bike and disc-battle scenes were fantastic, and I think they got the casting for the characters spot-on (although the adept will notice the young Jeff Bridges-based character's faces were completely CG (a good job too, but the technology still isn't totally there for me not to notice)).

However for all the flashiness, the plot and pacing of the movie was fairly average. It wasn't really 'bad' per-se, but I won't really be going to see it again or buying it on Blu-ray. The plot was unnecessarily convoluted, and the movie slowed down too much in parts.

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